Photo Credit: Camilo Godoy

Hey! Who are you?  Hi. My name is Joselia Rebekah Hughes. I'm  a Mad and disabled Afro-Caribbean writer, artist, and educator based in the Bronx. I live with sickle cell disease, auADHD, and an unspecified mood disorder. I'm one of the five poetry editors at Apogee Journal. 

Can you tell me about your work? 

My practice is multidisciplinary. Foremost, I am a writer and storyteller. I am commited to the possibilities of how communication brings us together, tears us apart, and navigates the choas of what makes its way in-between. I krip and hop in the lineage of Black disabled aesthetics and linguistics. I employ wordplay, myths, oral traditions, and archetypes of The Fool to question and provoke perceptions and values regarding chronic illness, Madness, neurodivergence, and disability. My mediums of practice include video and photography, dance, literature, small sculpture, fiber-work, zines, and illustration. 

Have I seen you around? I've shared work at the Institute of Contemporary Art: VCU, Participant Inc., Lincoln Center, MoMA, Leslie Lohman Museum, Bard, Swarthmore, Whitney Museum of American Art, and elsewhere. My writing has been published or is forthcoming in Apogee Journal, Massachusetts Review, The Poetry Project, Split This Rock, Blackflash Magazine, Leste Magazine, Jewish Currents, and Ocean State Review.

What are you up to? I'm editing my manuscript, Blackable: A Nopem, conducting interviews for The Creative Independent, and having a great time playing with gouache. 

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